The Prepare Early Education Program (EEP) is designed to cater for individual learning styles and encourages children to be confident, active participants in their learning.

Prepare Early Education Program

Our inquiry-based programs, together with our play-based learning environments actively promote children’s learning through relevant and challenging experiences that foster high-level thinking.

The educational program that we provide is continuously reflected upon to ensure that children’s learning and development is always extended. Our planning cycle can be seen above. You have the opportunity to enrol your child in extra- curricular activities that benefit children’s learning and development. These consist of various sporting sessions, dance and drama lessons, language programs and other health and wellbeing programs. Incursions such as the egg to chicken hatching program, health and safety sessions and children’s storybook authors during book week are all organised to coincide with important educational events. Children’s excursions are great ways to connect your child with their community. These are organised throughout the year to complement our curriculum and further children’s understanding and knowledge of the world around them.

To ensure you know how your child is progressing, parent information sessions are organised throughout the year, along with ‘school readiness’ evenings where the local Principal is invited to attend. Parent/teacher meetings are great opportunities to communicate with the educators about your child’s progress, interests, development and goals. These are scheduled appointments that are organised throughout the year. Parent seminars on topics such as health and nutrition, behaviour guidance and child development are planned throughout the year to benefit all parents. Keep up to date with what’s happening on the Calendar of Events on our App!

What does Prepare EEP cover?

Our Prepare Early Education Program covers six key learning areas of curriculum for your child:


Fostering children’s language and literacy development by providing a rich language environment.

Prepare to communicate!

– Extending vocabulary using stories
– Creating a love of reading
– Phonemic awareness and letter-sound relationships


There is more to numeracy than just counting, numeracy is using mathematical thinking on a daily basis. Building mathematical skills that will assist children in solving everyday problems.

Prepare to solve!

  Counting forwards and backwards from 30
  Identifying numbers on a 100 number chart
  Two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes
  Lengths and distances, volume and capacity


Our science curriculum provides hands-on experiences and experiments that stimulates curiosity and the inquiry process that allows children to explore and discover the fascinating world around them.

Prepare to discover!

– Climate

– Human body
– Physical science


Our curriculum encourages and supports children’s creativity and imagination not only for its aesthetic value but also for its role in enhancing other areas of development.

Prepare to create!


Visual arts, music, drama and dance



Our health and wellbeing program aims to encourage children to create healthy choices and positive decisions. It promotes confident learners as they discover themselves and construct their own identity.

Prepare to thrive!

– Balance of work, rest and play

– Yoga
– Fundamental movement skills
– Health and nutrition
– Cultural identity


Children will develop positive attitudes and values to environmental learning and identify ways of providing a healthy environment for future generations.

Prepare to empower!

– Saving water, recycling, organic gardening, reducing waste and reusing old materials

– How to be energy efficient

– Cultural identity

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