At Alfred Street Early Education Centre, our qualified and experienced educators understand that your child needs a skillful balance of new, dynamic and exciting learning experiences combined with the familiar and the predictable in a secure environment.

A typical day at Alfred Street Early Education Centre

7:30 am Centre Opens

As parents and children arrive, our staff greet them; parents then sign their children in and settle them at an activity before saying goodbye.  All children remain together in one classroom and participate in the various activities prepared for the morning. This is a special time of the day as all children get to interact with each other especially for siblings.

9:00am – 10:00am Morning Tea 

At 9am, our children separate into their various classes and enjoy a freshly prepared nutritionally balanced, seasonal morning tea, prepared in our fully equipped kitchen by qualified cooks.

11:00am – 12:00pm Group Time

The morning consists of group time where we discuss topics such as the day of the week, date and the month as well using descriptive words to describe the weather.  During this time the children partake in various activities that are designed to encourage children to explore and engage to enhance the different areas of development (e.g. physical, cognitive, social, emotional and language).

12:00pm – 2.30pm Lunch & Rest Time

Children enjoy a nutritious meal; seasonal meal prepared by our qualified cook and then settle down for rest time, children who do not sleep participate in quiet activities.

3:00pm 4:00pm Afternoon Tea

The children enjoy a nutritionally balanced, seasonal afternoon tea and then go out to play in our lovely, shaded garden exploring their surroundings and connecting with nature.

4:00pm – 5:45pm Learning through Play

During this time, children learn through play both indoors and outdoors. The resources, books and activities have been carefully selected and arranged to support their learning. Educators value child-initiated play and also engage in co-constructed play with the children. Further, they look for opportunities to intentionally teach children as they play.

6:00pm The Centre Closes

Throughout the afternoon, parents arrive to collect their children. At this time, they read and hear about their children’s exciting day playing and learning with their friends and Educators. Parents can also read the specific details about their children’s care routines.

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