Welcome to Alfred Street Early Education Centre

Our aim is to ensure that you and your child feel supported on their journey of learning and discovery.

Every day your child will have the opportunity to learn through play as they participate in fundamental activities and opportunities that encourage them to be flexible thinkers and confident learners, achieving this by providing your child with an environment that supports and inspires inquiry.

Nothing matters more to us than the health, well-being and education of every child that enters our doors. So from our family to yours, we welcome you to Alfred Street Early Education Centre.

Our Philosophy

A life-long love of learning begins in these foundational years, together we will create this journey to inspire every mind and explore every opportunity of learning!

Prepare Early Education Program

The Prepare Early Education Program (EEP) is designed to cater for individual learning styles and encourages children to be confident, active participants in their learning. Our inquiry-based programs, together with our play-based learning environments actively promote children’s learning through relevant and challenging experiences that foster high-level thinking.

We view the child as an independent learner. Our play-based curriculum, guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), aims to create an environment that engages, intrigues and supports constructive learning.

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Collaborative Learning

It is our commitment to collaborate with families and the community to create an environment that becomes the child’s home away from home.

“I love, love, love this centre. My child spends more waking hours with this team during the week than they do with me and I feel comfortable that she is in the best care. Yesterday they did yoga and learnt to meditate! The facilities are excellent and the team are awesome. The hours are great for parents working in the city and close to the Mall for public transport – they even do breakfast. The cost is great too affording me to send her 5 days now. This school will soon have a massive waiting list so don’t miss out!”

Clare Cahill

“We moved our son to this centre the week after opening. We knew the teachers and staff from his previous centre…who are absolutely awesome, so it was an easy decision for us to switch. All the staff are so incredibly friendly and the learning programs are first rate. Add to that the increased opening times, everything provided (including breakfast if needed), the brand new facilities and the cost (it’s $20 cheaper per day from our previous centre), we are very happy to have our son at here.”

Corin Bartley
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