Orientation Program

Our centre provides an orientation program for all new children and families to reassure and familiarise them to staff, routines, activities, procedures and to exchange information.

The orientation period is not time limited, as all children are different. Parents must remain with their children during the orientation period however they may leave the room for short periods to have a cup of coffee in the office or read further policies etc.

The orientation period is completely free of charge. Once normal attendance has commenced, parents are welcome to spend time at the centre to join in activities with their child or phone us during the day to check on your child’s progress.

In the lead up to your child’s first day, help to prepare them by talking about the centre, activities and new friends they will make.

Where possible, allow them to help pack their bag and select a special security blanket or toy and show them where you will keep this. If you have any questions at any time, our staff will happily assist in order to make the transition a positive experience.