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  • column (number of columns 1-8 to display)
  • height (height of featured image) (optional)
  • effect : icon, zoom, blurr, grayscale, rotate, morph, tilt, none (optional)
  • layout : fullwidth, sidebar (optional)/li>
  • nopaging : true,false (optional)
  • sortable : true,false (optional)
  • sortable_all : true,false (optional)
  • ajax : true,false (optional)
  • cat : category to list
  • current current category (optional)
  • ids select items on id basis comma seperated (optional)
  • orderby : no, page, author, post-id, title, date, random, parent-id, nr of comments, modified date (optional)
  • order : DESC, ASC (optional)
  • title : true,false (optional)
  • titleLinkable : true,false (optional)
  • titleLinkTarget : _blank, parent, new window, full body (optional)
  • desc : true,false (optional)
  • desc_length : length of description (optional)
  • advanceDesc : true,false (optional)
  • more : true,false (optional)
  • moreText : Read More Text (optional)
  • moreButton : true,false (optional)

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Shortcode Option Panel

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”3235″ caption=”Portfolio Shortcode Options Panel” alt=”Portfolio Shortcode Options Panel” align=”center” icon=”zoom” width=”600″ autoHeight=”true” quality=”100″ lightbox=”true” title=”Portfolio Shortcode Options Panel”]



[portfolio column=”3″ layout=”sidebar” sortable=”true” ajax=”true” cat=”animals,nature,people” current=”nature” more=”false” moreButton=”false”]